Data Protection

Our firm’s data protection experts have extensive experience of helping clients to comply with the myriad of legislation and technical aspects in this complex area. We have advised a very broad range of businesses on an even broader range of data protection and privacy issues. These include:

• drafting all manner of privacy policies;

• advising numerous companies of their data processor and data controller obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR);

• assisting various companies with regulations over the data processor obligations/clauses in contracts with its customers and suppliers;

• advising clients on their current processors to ensure they are GDPR compliant. • advising a company that provides ‘know your customer’ services on how to comply with the legislation;

• providing advice to a mobile virtual network operator regarding the legality of location based services (prior to these becoming widely available);

• assisting numerous providers of e-commerce websites and SaaS comply with their obligations under data protection and privacy law;

• advising on cookies, behavioural advertising and other marketing activities; and

• advising multi-national corporations regarding their obligations in the EU.